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If there's one thing you should have learned from our beloved Mary, is never trust a witch.
— Sebastian to John Alden[src]

Baron Sebastian Von Marburg was a powerful cradle witch and the charming son of the Countess Von Marburg. Upon his arrival in Salem, he becomes infatuated with the beautiful and powerful Mary Sibley —to the point of becoming obsessed with her— even going so far as to betray the orders of his mother and the Dark Lord to save her. The arrogance of the aristocracy and a life in the shadow of his mother as a failed offer of the Grand Rite as a vessel for the Dark Lord will cause his downfall.

He is a recurring character during the second season of Salem, promoted as main in season three, portrayed by Joe Doyle.

Character Description

"Baron Sebastian Von Marburg, the charming son of Countess Marburg and a 250-year-old Dorian Gray type whose “anything goes” approach to sex is the antithesis of puritanical".[1]

"The charming and cultured son of Countess Marburg, Baron Sebastian Marburg wallows in the loss of Mary and hates that Alden still lives." [2]

Early Life

Born with the sole purpose of being used as vessel to complete the Grand Rite, since Increase Mather prevented the Countess from completing her purpose of unleashing the Devil on Earth, Sebastian grew up like any other witch, basking in the comforts of the European aristocracy. It was revealed that as a child he lured children from town to town, leading them straight in the Countess's clutches. From the moment he became a man, children shown to be more reluctant to trust him. For this reason, he has stopped to deal with this task, devoting himself to more important tasks.[3]


Sebastian façade begins to crumble.

Sebastian is a very cunning man, the charming son of Countess Von Marburg and a "250-year-old Dorian Gray type whose “anything goes” approach to sex is the antithesis of puritanical" [4] Sebastian Von Marburg is a lustful man, arrogant and often infantile in methods and behavior. In spite of his being several hundred years old, Sebastian is not emotionally more mature than a teenager, behavior shared by many aristocrats of the time, prone to whim and being lunatics. He has a boundless sense of superiority inherited from his mother, which is why he looks so contemptuous anyone who is not in his inner circle of interests. Although his appearance may be more delicate than that of the other male characters, his attitude undermines any potential attempt to believe Sebastian a weak or innocent man. According to his mother, his beauty is exceeded only by his ego. Unlike the Countess, Sebastian seems to be capable of disinterested gestures toward those for whom he feels interested, particularly Mary Sibley. With the unraveling of the episodes, the arrogant mask begins to crack and, also due to the words of Mary, Sebastian shows hesitancy on his very existence and emergence of an actual sense of inferiority for not having become the Devil's vessel, thus being a living failure, or being the second choice compared with his half-sister in the eyes of his mother.

Physical Appearance

Sebastian is a handsome man with a medium build and a clear complexion. He has dark brown hair naturally wavy like those of the mother, hazel eyes and a boyish face albeit with a stern, and manipulative look. Sebastian has a slim body and a hairy chest. Wearing sophisticated and refined outfits ranging from military uniforms to refined clothing befitting his noble title. Sebastian often wears rings on the index finger, generally with black or ruby red gems embedded. In his mother's boudoir or in the privacy of his own bedroom he was shown wearing refined housecoats and nightshirts.

Throughout the Salem Series


Briefly named by his mother as anxious to know Cotton Mather when she was at Mather House, Sebastian makes his first appearance in his mother's boudoir while brushing her hair, talking about their plans about the Essex's witches. Sebastian is curious to know what flavor had Anne Hale's lips and kisses his mother eagerly, sharing the taste left there above, described by Countess Marburg "like honey and lemon, as strawberries with sugar, like innocence." Sipping wine Sebastian shows his mother the girl he gagged and hidden in the closet, as a gift. [5]

Sebastian feeds his mother

The Countess and Sebastian are in Marburg's ship talking about the power and beauty of Mary Sibley, while Sebastian nourishes his mother with pomegranate's berries using his fingers to her mouth. The woman is lying in her bath and after a passionate kiss with her son, we find that half of her face horribly disfigured. A young girl hangs from the ceiling and has a collar around her neck that Sebastian turns a crank to drain the blood directly from the girl's neck to the face and breasts of his mother.[6] Once the Von Marburg come to Salem, Sebastian finally knows Mary Sibley and kisses her hand as soon as they meet at the harbor, telling her that it is a great pleasure to meet her. Sebastian is immediately caught by the beauty of the mistress of Salem but steps aside to let the woman talk with his mother, staying behind them as they walk through the streets of Salem, giving food to the hungry. Impudently, Sebastian sneaks into Mary's boudoir, looking through the woman's objects, such as bottles of perfume; when surprised by Mary entering the room, Sebastian is looking a Tarot deck, which leaves on the bedside table to focus exclusively on Mary. He tells her that he plans to woo her and that she can not refuse because he knows her secret. After having removed a pin from her hair, Sebastian sticking the needle in George's forehead, who was lying dead on the bed covered with a sheet and after Sebastian covers it again, the body dissolves into thin air. Now the Baron has something with which he can blackmail Ms. Sibley. [7]

Mary flirts with Sebastian, as he carves their initials in a tree trunk

Sebastian seems really in love with Mary, because such as a boy in love, carve their initials on the trunk of a tree, while his beloved and his mother talk on the precipice of the crags on how to wipe out the human race and unleash Hell on Earth. Mary, outwitting, tries to find out what happened to the corpse of George, promising Sebastian a sexual encounter, even touching him between his legs, but the man pulls back, telling her that these tricks do not work with him Later, aboard the ship, Sebastian is shelling nuts while his mother transcribes her thoughts in her book of shadows, and the two talking about their plan of attack, when Mercy enters the room, beautiful again, and Sebastian is jealous of the words the Countess addressed to the girl, who he considers a dirty half-breed commoner. The Countess, then, tells Sebastian that she has an important task for him: to seduce Mary Sibley. During dinner at home Sibley, Sebastien is mostly silent, merely to observe the guests, only to reveal to Mary that they have just got rid of George, meaning that the meat that they ate at dinner was that of George Sibley, leaving Mary bewildered. Back on board, the two found the corpse of a little girl with blood stain all over the carpet and Sebastian is determined to beat Mercy, but he is stopped by his mother, that protects Mercy, saying she still would have given the child to Mercy.[3]

The obsession of Sebastian to Mary became even more disturbing when he spies on the woman to have a sexual intercourse with another man, Wainwright, in her bedroom. The Baron is consumed by hatred and jealousy and blackmail Mary once again, telling her that if she wouldn't totally surround him, he will destroy her. Mary is forced to accept and Sebastian, by deception, it leads Wainwright in the woods, under the pretext of helping him on the path of witchcraft. At the crags, Sebastian throws the doctor into the pool of Hell-blood, condemning him to wander alive into Hell.[8]

Sebastian woos his sister Anne

Meanwhile, Mercy has kidnapped the little John on behalf of the Countess and Sebastian tries to reason with Mary; if she completes the Grand Rite, everyone will benefit, including her. Another witch, meanwhile, is visited by Sebastian. The young Anne Hale in fact, has something the Countess craves much: John Hale's Book of Shadows. When Sebastian appears in the ginger witch's bedroom and watches her sleeping, Sebastian seems intrigued by the young woman. Anne, however, is reluctant to submit to the Von Marburg and affirms that the Book of Shadows belongs to her by birthright. When Sebastian, menacingly, cuts the laces of her corset with a knife, making explicit some sexual subtext, Anne Hale rejects him using telekinesis. [9] The fateful moment came and the comet of doom shines in the sky. Sebastian, once again, trying to convince Mary with good manners, when in fact the Countess would like to kill her and take over her place. Sebastian has a chance to get rid of another old love of Mary, John Alden, but the stab is not enough to kill him and John Alden survives although Sebastian refers to his mother that John Alden died, without being absolutely certain.[10]

Sebastian threatens Mercy with a knife

While he is sleeping in Mary's bed, Mercy sneaks under the sheets and began oral sex, waking Sebastian, deluded still dreaming Mary Sibley, and when he discovers that under the sheets there is, instead, Mercy he casts her out rudely, comparing her to a dog who was licking his scrotum. When Mercy reveals that she is in love with him, Sebastian laughs in her face, telling her that no one will ever love her and that no one ever wanted her. at this point, he throws her out of the room, telling her to return to the ship with the servants, which is her place. The witches of Salem, except Mercy, and Von Marburg head to the pool of Hell-blood and begin the final ritual: Sebastian cut the palms to each witch and collected the blood in a cup, while the Countess begins the consecration. With a trick, Mary sentences to death her own child, who is drowned in the pool, and his body is possessed by the Devil. When John Alden, previously agreed with Mary, shoot the child, the Countess slaps her son, accusing him of almost jeopardized the entire Grand Rite.[11]

Now that the Devil has a mortal body, the Salem witches gather around him in reverence. When the Countess, however, find out that she will not be the scarlet bride of Satan -but Mary Sibley will - is blinded by resentment. When the Countess and Mary are engaged in a deadly battle in the church, Sebastian asks his sister Anne to intervene, but it is unclear whether Sebastian wants to save his mother or his beloved Mary. At the House of Seven Gables, then, the Countess order to Sebastian to kill Mary Sibley, who still want to commit suicide, but when Sebastian bring her in the woods and makes her wearing the collar to bleed her to death from her carotid artery, Sebastian cannot kill his beloved and suggest Mary escape. When he returns to Salem, Sebastian reveals to his mother that Mary died but when the Devil finds out that his betrothed is dead, he fatally stabbed the Countess for treason, under the eyes of an impassive Sebastian. The Baron, at this point, goes to the coffin containing the original body of the Countess and, having ascertained that she is stuck in the mummified body, closes the coffin with a smirk. [12]


Sebastian holding the dark snake

Late at night, in the Salem Woods, Sebastian leads a group of witches bearing candles to illuminate the path, while the Baron pays homage to the arrival of the Devil on Earth, while he cuddles in his hands a hissing black snake which soon turns into the Devil himself. All the old witches kneel in front of him except one, a member of the Essex Hive that is at once brutally executed by the Dark Lord. When Sebastian approach a white handkerchief to his face to wipe away the blood spatter, the Devil snatches from his hands the handkerchief to wipe his own face. The next morning, Sebastian was approached by Hathorne on the street. The man asks for information on the Countess and asks the Baron to accompany him to see the poor state of refugees who flock to Salem borders, demanding shelter. Sebastian, not at all interested in Salem policy, take advantage of the arrival of Isaac to get rid of Hathorne and move away.

On the same day, Sebastian magically appears at Anne's home during a quarrel between the latter and her husband, offering to kill Cotton. The two siblings had a heated exchange of views, before reaching the Dark Lord at the House of the Seven Gables. Here both are put to the test by their master, who invites them to love each other.

Sebastian chokes with Mary's blood offered by the Dark Lord

At night, Sebastian was again put to the test by the devil, ordering the witch to drink from a chalice containing the blood of Mary Sibley, stolen from the same flask filled with blood by Sebastian himself when he tried to kill Mary. Now Sebastian is deceived by the devil, which brings up a vision of Mary, thus ordering Sebastian to forget and not to dare to love her anymore. The Baron then descends in a secret crypt for complaining about the current status quo with his mother, lying in the sarcophagus and reduced to a semi-paralyzed mummy. Determined to take action, Sebastian approaches John Alden at the tavern and asked the veteran soldier where is Mary Sibley. John, in a fit of anger, tells him that she is dead and pounced on Sebastian with the intention of killing him.[13]

With the blade of the witch dagger to his throat, Sebastian reveals to John Alden how he had saved the life of Mary. Therefore it was John the real responsible for her death. The dispute between the men is sedated by Hathorne and his militiamen. At night, Sebastian is sent by the Dark Lord at Hale's cottage to invite Cotton Mather to take part in a farce at the meeting house, where the Devil will be presented as John Sibley, living heir of the late George Sibley, chief of the selectmen, and benefactor for the reconstruction of the church. The following day, at the House of the Seven Gables, Sebastian is quietly having dinner with the Dark Lord, when Mary comes into the room with astonishment of the Baron. Sebastian immediately asks explanations to Mary, but the devil boy claims his "mentor" to get out since they have business to carry out, while Mary is entrusted to the care of The Sentinel. During the speech at the meeting house, Sebastian for a moment believes that Cotton is about to exposes the Devil and witches, but is relieved when the reverend takes part in the charade.[14]

Appalled by Mary's cries, Sebastian burst into the room grabbing the Sentinel by the collar of his jacket in a fit of rage, before he realized what he had done. After apologizing, Sebastian was soon instructed of guarding Red Mercury who later handed over to the French troops, to use it in Salem after obtaining provisions. After the commission with the French troops, Sebastian was sent to support Cotton Mather during a meeting between selectmen to decide the fate of the town and refugees, useful to the cause of the Dark Lord.[15]

Sebastian was angry with his sister for her inability to keep in check her husband, and feared retaliation of the Dark Lord, perhaps for fear of being subjected to Reckoning himself. He wanted to know, in fact, what happened to Mary during the terrible ceremony that deprived her of her witch power, leaving Anne Hale startled for his real interest. Later, Sebastian tried to alleviate Mary's suffering by reading poetry to her, but without success. The woman was, in fact, inconsolable. When Cotton was nowhere to be found, Sebastian witnessed the bloody punishment of his sister at the hand of the Dark Lord.[16]

Sebastian continued to nourish his mother relic with the blood taken from Mary Sibley, asking advice to the venerable witch about how to win the love of his beloved without resorting to mere magic tricks. Not at all satisfied with the replies of his mother, Sebastian continued his duties ordered by the Devil, paying Thomas Dinley to kill Mr Putnam, revealed in the way for the Devil's plans.[17]

Mary kissing Sebastian

Still trying to find a way to win the love of Mary, Sebastian led the woman in the crypt where the sarcophagus was hidden, confessing his feelings with an open heart. Despite Mary's plan to deceive him, Sebastian was too clever to give in to Mary's kisses since he tasted the betrayal from her lips. Excited by the proximity to consume a sexual intercourse with her, Sebastian took his beloved to Alden's house to have a passionate and perverse embrace before a magically paralyzed John, to which Mary submitted reluctantly.[18]

Returned to the House of the Seven Gables, Sebastian and Mary shared a few passionate kisses before returning each one to their duties. Sebastian, then, paid a visit to the stronghold on behalf of Mary. Later, the Baron went to the Dark Lord to confess that he had slept with Mary, humbly asking his pardon, to which the Devil claimed to have no interest, the virginity of his future wife, unlike his father. Sebastian then attracted the Devil in the woods, where he was dismembered by Mary Sibley thanks to the power bestowed upon her by the sacrifice of Essex Hive.[19]

Awakened in the middle of the night by the rants of a drunk Sentinel, Sebastian consented to join the plans to cause the defeat of the dark angel. Secretly gathered in a barn in Knocker's Hole, Sebastian struggled to hold back his visceral hatred for John Alden, and ensured his survival by hiding the location "The Instrument" from the rest of the group, which he had previously discovered because he had followed the Sentinel in the middle of the night. Glamoured with the appearance of John Alden, Sebastian wanted to test Mary's real feelings, discovering that he was used the whole time by the former Samhain. Angry beyond measure, he swore revenge with his mother's great satisfaction. [20]

Sebastian and Anne about to share a kiss

Distraught and enraged by the recent discovery, Sebastian led his sister in a secret crypt where the sarcophagus was hidden, so that all Von Marburg were gathered to plot behind all the remaining inhabitants of the mansion. He did this only after he prevented Anne from killing Cotton Mather during a fit of rage, trapping his brother in law in a mirror with a hand gesture. Sebastian and Anne, then, shared a passionate kiss before the relic of their mother, unleashing the lustful malice in Anne's heart. At this point Sebastian confessed to Mary that it was him, with John's appearance, to deceive her into believing that Alden had forgiven Mary's betrayal. Bitter, he watched Anne as she opened the Hell Gate. [21] [[File:|thumb|250x250px|Anne observing with disdain Sebastian's corpse]] At Dinley's, Sebastian had a violent fight with John Alden, venting all his frustration and hatred against his opponent in love before finding an untimely death at the hands of the latter. Shortly before his death, Sebastian expressed his sincere love for Mary, begging John to save her. The lifeless body of Sebastian was later observed condescendingly by his sister and later, mocked by his own mother.[22]

Powers and Abilities

Sebastian's Telekinetic Abilities

Sebastian Von Marburg was a very powerful cradle witch, descending from one of the first satanic witches in history, currently known as Countess Marburg. He was allegedly over 250 years old, implying that Sebastian uses the same treatment of blooming as do his mother and Mercy, an Essex witch. It is possible that his power equated that of his half-sister, Anne Hale though due to his advanced age, he was much more in control of his abilities than Anne.

Unlike most of the witches, Sebastian rarely resorted to magic, though when he did, he demonstrated several noteworthy abilities. He was capable of teleportation, as seen when he teleported George Sibley's body to an undisclosed location by sticking a needle into his forehead. He can also teleport himself from one place to another. He showed a mastery in both telekinesis and puppetry, being able to paralyze someone while at the same time twisting their bones, as shown when he confronted Mercy who was rendered powerless by Sebastian's advanced abilities. He also showed the same gift of so-called "blood kiss" as his mother, as he was able to extract any necessary information just as easily. He was also able to glamour himself to make himself look like John Alden.

In addition to his magical abilities, he also demonstrated an inhuman degree of physical strength that allowed him to overpower regular human beings, and mashing stones with his bare hands.

He was quite possibly one of the most powerful cradle witches in Salem along with his sister Anne.


Main article: Countess and Sebastian
By your leave, ma'am, I would sip her essence. Or perhaps you are jealous, afraid I will like the taste too much.
— Sebastian questioning his relationship with his mother


Sebastian has an incestuous and highly co-dependent relationship with his mother. Although for centuries Sebastian has always lived in the shadow of his mother, recently he started to feed his own desires, namely win the heart of Mary Sibley. This led to a quick break between Sebastian and his mother.

Main article: Sebastian and Mary
I myself believe in having cake and eating it.
— Sebastian to Mary Sibley

S02e07 171.jpg

After having tasted her flavor from the lips of his mother, Sebastian falls in love with Mary Sibley, starting to act like a jealous lover towards the Queen of Salem, killing even Dr. Wainwright because Mary was in love with the latter. Sebastian's obsession with Mary, however, has a positive side when help women to escape from the clutches of the Countess.

Main article: Sebastian and Anne
Anne and Sebastian are uterine siblings and the powerful offspring of one of the most infamous witches who ever trod foot on Earth. Though Anne only discovered about her origin and legacy in her early adulthood, Sebastian had always been fully aware of her sister, coming almost to hate her and be jealous, as she was the favorite of their mother, and considered the true heiress of their bloodline. They have slowly developed a love-hate relationship, touching a fleeting incestuous relationship before Sebastian's premature departure and Anne's rise to great power.

Main article: Sebastian and the Devil
Will it ends well for me? It's hard, mother, to be born to rule and yet know I'll never be king.
— Sebastian to his mother

Devil and Sebastian season 3 picture.PNG

Among the witches of Salem, Sebastian seems to have a special relationship with the Devil, acting as his right arm since the rise of the Devil on earth after the Grand Rite. Previously, Sebastian showed a sense of inferiority toward him, as Sebastian was born with the aim to be the vessel for the Devil, and his existence is a constant failure reminder to his own mother.

Main article: Mercy and Sebastian
Wanted you? No one has ever wanted you.
— Sebastian mocks Mercy

S02e12 151.jpg

The turbulent relationship between these two witches consists of a hate-love relationship. Sebastian is jealous of the relationship blossomed between Mercy and his mother. When she tries to have sex with him, as she's secretly in love with him, he taunts and insults her.

Sebastian had a visceral hatred of John Alden, constantly fed by seeing the captain as a rival in love to conquer Mary Sibley's heart. Although Sebastian has always had a sense of superiority over the other man, he did not underestimate the importance he had for Mary, even doing an altruistic gesture for the beloved woman, leaving her free to find John's corpse, but paying it at a high price. Mary, in fact, gave her life to save her true love. Enraged at having lost forever the opportunity to love Mary, Sebastian vented his frustration and anger against John but, underestimating him and due to an error of judgment, Sebastian met his death at the hands of his rival.


Memorable Quotes

Sebastian: "What did she taste like, mother?"
Countess: "Like lemons and honey.Like strawberry and sugar. Like innocence."
Sebastian: "I can still taste the honey."
Countess: "Well, nothing lingers like innocence."
Blood Kiss
Sebastian: "You never mind the blood, mother."
Countess: "No. But like a good carpenter, I prefer to measure twice and cut once. So let us take the measure of this Mary Sibley before we go to Salem."
Sebastian: "As always, your beauty is exceeded only by your prudent wisdom. I nearly forgot. I brought you a present."
Countess: "Oh, what a thoughtful son! Now, what did I do to deserve you?"
Sebastian: "Only everything, Mama. Only everything."
Blood Kiss
Sebastian: "I have been feeling something nearly new."
Countess: "What is it, my love?"
Sebastian: "Excitement."
Blood Kiss
Sebastian: "Well, let us just say that there are accurate superstitions and true fairytales."
Wages of Sin
Anne Hale: "A gentleman does not sneak into a woman's bedroom."
Sebastian: "I am no gentleman."
Dead Birds
Mercy Lewis: "Wasn't that a nice way to wake up?"
Sebastian: "Yes, if I liked waking up to a dog nuzzling my bollocks."
Midnight Never Come
Sebastian: "History would say the Devil was born in Salem. What is the Devil? The Devil is the light that reveals the path through the dark woods of desire. After all, getting what we want is what the craft of the witch is. Witchcraft is wish craft for our wishes are his wishes, and our world shall be his world. O’ brothers and sisters, gathered here from every dark place on the Earth. We have so long been orphans of the great gone gods, but no longer. Our Father has come home. Their God is dead or lost in senile slumber. But not ours. Our God, their devil, is alive. Awake. And now, finally, he’s here."
After the Fall
Sebastian: (to the Dark Lord) "I know you don't care, but seeing John Alden alive and walking in our Salem is like a dagger. I can't look at that man without thinking of Mary."
After the Fall
Sebastian (to Cotton Mather): "Even the dimmest butcher knows not to let the cow see the blow that is coming. Fear taints the meat."
The Heart Is A Devil
Sebastian: "I love the only woman in the world I cannot have."
Countess Von Marburg: "Your Mary is no longer a witch. She is subject to the Craft."
Sebastian: "No. I might as well please myself with a hand puppet. I need to be loved truly and freely. I will not use magic to win love."
The Commonwealth of Hell
John Alden: "You have soft hands for a job like that."
Sebastian: "Yes, my fingers strummed her in ways your crude calluses could never. Did you enjoy watching us, Captain? That's right. We really were there. I hope you had enough time to pick up a few tips about how to really please a woman."
Black Sunday
Sebastian (last words to John Alden): "I believe neither of us ever loved anybody but her our whole lives. In my jealousy, I plotted her destruction. Now, it is my only regret. I just couldn't bear to live without her. But now I don't have to. So listen, she is in unspeakable danger. For once, prove yourself worthy of her love. Save her."
Black Sunday


  • Sebastian is a masculine German and English given name deriving from Greek σεβαστος (sebastos), meaning "venerable" (a translation of Latin Augustus, the title of the Roman emperors).
  • Von Marburg which in the German language means literally "from Marburg", a German town. Sometimes, characters refer to him and his mother simply as Countess and Baron Marburg, omitting the "von" that gives meaning to the name in German.

Status and Rank

  • Baron: a member of the lowest order of the British nobility. The term “Baron” is not used as a form of address in Britain, barons usually being referred to as “Lord". In pre-republican Germany, all the knightly families of the Holy Roman Empire (sometimes distinguished by the prefix von or zu) eventually were recognized as of baronial rank, although Ritter is the literal translation of "Knight".
  • Knight: Countess Von Marburg has described her son as a "knight of the dark realm", perhaps referring to a potential rank aimed at men in the witch hierarchy. As per the aforementioned definition of Baron, in Germany knights were equivalent to the Paladini of the Medieval Chansons de Geste.
  • Guardian: using his noble title and in order to maintain a façade for the outside world, Sebastian acts as legal guardian of "Little John" (the vessel that hosts the essence of the Dark Lord) considered by all the living heir of the late George Sibley.




  • Baron Von Marburg was introduced in a recap article for the second season.[4]
  • In episodes and various articles his last name was addressed as both Von Marburg and Marburg, but his official introduction to Salem citizens in "Ill Met by Moonlight" identifies him as Baron Sebastian Von Marburg. This is also the proper nomenclature for German surnames. The concept of a "surname" is a relatively recent historical development, evolving from a medieval naming practice called a "by name". Based on an individual's occupation or area of residence, a byname would be used in situations where more than one person had the same name. This is the exact case of Sebastian Baron Von Marburg because Marburg is a German town.
  • In a promotional video, it was revealed that he and his mother may share an incestuous relationship.
    • It's vaguely confirmed by the actress Lucy Lawless who said: "It's complicated. I think their Facebook thing would be 'It's complicated.' They're super co-dependent. Let me just say that."
    • Too bad for Mary, the Countess isn't coming to Salem by herself -- she's bringing along her charming and loyal son, Sebastian. According to Lawless, the Countess' relationship with her son is quite complex.
  • Like his mother, he can sense the essence of a person by sharing a blood kiss.
  • His mother referred to him several times with the term Schatz or Schatzi, the German equivalent of "darling; dear".
  • "Sebastian von Marburg: the lovestruck baron." is the description that accompanies the promotional photo for the third season on Salem official Instagram account.


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