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The relationship between witch siblings Sebastian Von Marburg and Anne Hale.

Early History

Countess Von Marburg entrusted the child to John Hale, with the purpose to protect her from dangers across the ocean. Sebastian said he had always been aware of the fact that Anne Hale was his half-sister.

Throughout the Salem series


Memorable Dialogues

Sebastian: To sleep, perchance to dream. What a fetching sight, watching you mewl and moan. Were you dreaming of me?
Anne: Of course not. Now leave at once. A gentleman does not sneak into a woman's bedroom.
Sebastian: I am no gentleman.
Anne: What do you want?
Sebastian: Stop trembling. Whatever it is I want, it is not your virginity. I have no use for a pale, inexperienced little stick like you. I'm here for the book.
Anne: Perhaps if I knew what you were looking for...
--Dead Birds
Sebastian: Well, little sister... welcome to the family.
Anne: How long have you known about me?
Sebastian: Always. Mother never ceased to tell me about her special one.
--The Witching Hour
Anne: Who have you ever loved but our mother, and you stood by and saw her slaughtered.
Sebastian: I have loved and lost more than you shall ever know. But we may compare our sufferings another time. Right now, our lord awaits, and we both know what he does to those who disappoint him.
--After the Fall


  • Sebastian and Anne are uterine siblings as they share the same mother but different fathers.

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