It is not the beginning of love that matters it's love's end. And trust me, I know how our story ends. It ends like this "and they lived happily ever after" Madam.
— Sebastian to Mary Sibley

The relationship between the two witches Sebastian Von Marburg and Mary Sibley.

Throughout the Salem serie

In From Within, Sebastian savor the essence of Mary Sibley from the lips of his mother and remains intrigued by the Essex witch.

In III Met by Moonlight, Sebastian finally met Mary in person and reveals his intentions to forge an alliance sealed by the marriage between them. To ensure the consent of Mary, the man gets rid of George Sibley's corpse, because he wants to have the witch in check.

In The Beckoning Fair One, the two are of the pit because the Countess wants to see the work of Mary with the hellfire and Sebastian, again, reminds Mary his interest in her. At dinner, Sebasian deliberately sits next to the hostess of the House, and when she asks the man what he did with the corpse, Sebastian turns his gaze on the meat they are eating, saying that they have just got rid of it. This clearly indicates that the meat they are eating in dinner is in fact George Sibley's dead body.


Memorable Quotes

Sebastian: Now, this is awkward you being here with your ex and your next.
Mary Sibley: Leave.
Sebastian: You are even more beautiful when you're angry. I knew you would be.
Mary Sibley:You do not know me.
Sebastian: I do know you, Mary. After all, I have tasted you on my mother's lips. I know, for instance, that no man who has ever loved you has ever served you. Every man in your life has served but himself. George Sibley took what he wanted until you could bear no more and and made him but a toad bone man. John Alden took what he wanted and left, returning only to take yet again. No man not one has ever asked what it was you wanted, what you needed. You simply have no idea what it will feel like to have a man as resourceful and determined as me dedicate himself entirely to your every need, your every desire. I am no fool. I know you do not love me now. But you will Sooner than you think. Let me begin by ridding you of your most vexatious problem.
Mary Sibley: I was quite capable of dispensing of George in my own manner.
Sebastian: Perhaps. But I prefer to have George in my pocket, not yours. And I promise, his corpulent carcass will remain hidden So long as you behave yourself.
Mary Sibley: What kind of man woos with blackmail?
Sebastian: It is not the beginning of love that matters it's love's end. And trust me, I know how our story ends. It ends like this "and they lived happily ever after" Madam.
Sebastian: Would you like me to describe your lover's final moment? He was like an excited schoolboy until his face sank beneath the hell-blood.
Mary Sibley: I find jealousy makes a man ugly.
Sebastian: Perhaps. But it is the natural tribute men pay to those they desire.
Mary Sibley: Your tribute means as little to me as your desire. A woman can tell when a man is already dedicated to another. In your unusual case, your mother.
Sebastian: Really? Well, you must know I did it for you.
Mary Sibley: For me? Killed my friend, my ally?
Sebastian: He was a deadly distraction as you walk a very narrow path over a most dangerous precipice.
Mary Sibley: Do not pretend that sending his living soul into the jaws of hell was an act of chivalry. You only care because your mother needs me.
Sebastian: No! You will see. Trust me.
Mary Sibley: Trust you? No, you have already broken promises to me. You as much as said you would help my boy if I let you take Wainwright.
Sebastian: Do nothing foolish, and you will be reunited with your boy in good time.
in Til Death Do Us Part
Mary Sibley: Really? And do you think she spares one thought for your happiness?
Sebastian: I see what you're trying to do. Cleave me from my mother.
Mary Sibley: Cleave. Such an odd word. You know, it can mean quite opposite things. A man may cleave a log in two or a man may cleave to his wife forever. It's up to you which one it will mean. But you must know you cannot have us both.
Sebastian: I myself believe in having cake and eating it. Your man shall fail you as all of them have. My mother always gets what she wants, as shall I.
Mary Sibley: Hmm, and do you really think you're enough man to have me?
Sebastian: You and my mother may not think so, but I will prove you both wrong when the time comes
-- in Til Death Do Us Part
Sebastian: You are free, my love. I chose to release you here for a reason. Just there. See that blood? It is not yours, but Captain John Alden’s. He fled this way. You can see by the track of blood. Now follow it, and you will find him most likely dead, but I know it is him you want.
Mary Sibley: Why are you doing this?
Sebastian: I, too, am capable of unconditional love. So go without conditions. Someday, when you have buried your past and I have buried mine, we may yet meet again.
--in The Witching Hour


  • Despite his mother thought on the Essex witches, Sebastian seems truly intrigued by Mary Sibley.
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