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The relationship between The Dark Lord and his follower witch Sebastian Von Marburg.

Among the witches of Salem, Sebastian seems to have a special relationship with the Devil, acting as his right arm since the rise of the Devil on earth after the Grand Rite. Previously, Sebastian showed a sense of inferiority toward him, as Sebastian was born with the aim to be the Vessel for the Devil, and his existence is a constant failure reminder to his own mother, the Countess Von Marburg.

Throughout the Salem series[edit | edit source]

Memorable Quotes[edit | edit source]

Sebastian (to his mother): Will it end well for me? It's hard, mother, to be born to rule and yet know I'll never be king.
-- On Earth as in Hell
Sebastian: What is the Devil? The Devil is the light that reveals the path through the dark woods of desire.
-- After the Fall
Sebastian (to Anne): Our Lord awaits, and we both know what he does to those who disappoint him.
-- After the Fall
Sebastian: What is this rancid wine?
The Dark Lord: It's no wine I sip. It's my mother's blood. I draw a small cup nightly from the sack of blood you yourself drew from her. Makes me feel closer to her. Try it again. Open your mouth and your heart, and you'll feel her as I do. Now you feel her, don't you? Her flesh may be dead, but her spirit, whether on this earth or beneath it, still exists. But remember, she belongs to me. You shall never know her lips again.
-- After the Fall

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Sebastian was born with the purpose to be a vessel for the devil. Since his mother's ritual failed, Sebastian grew up as a normal cradle witch. Now, instead of reigns, Sebastian has to serve his Dark Lord.
  • To maintain a façade, Sebastian is presented in public as legal guardian of John Sibley, the Devil's host, who's believed to be an adoptive son of the late George Sibley.

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