It's not an exact art.

A Seer is a witch or a cunning person with the power to divine future, past and present events through extrasensory perception. 


Eyes are for seeing, not for being seen. That's why your kind come to me.
— Petrus

A Seer is someone gifted – or cursed, depending on the interpretations – with the power of prophecy. While witches are adept at performing divination and clairvoyance to a different degree, Seers are naturally endowed with such power. They are significantly more attuned to the psychic vibrations of the Universe, and may access information through various techniques that are incomprehensible to the average witch. Even a witch as powerful as Countess Von Marburg needed to rely on a ritualistic spell in order to obtain hidden information about Mary Sibley and the Essex Hive. Whereas, a Seer named Petrus, though considerably less powerful than the Countess, was able to learn about almost any event, future or past, through sheer will. Nevertheless, Petrus once expressed to John Hale how divination is not an exact art because, contrary to Puritanical belief, the future is not set in stone and can always change.

Powers and Abilities

Seership is an innate faculty physically linked to the eyes of a Seer. A Seer is able to see past, present and future events, reveal unknown identities and much more with mere willpower. Sometimes, in order to strengthen or clarify a vision, a Seer may use external resources such as ritual objects like a bowl of water, or familiars acting as extensions of their eyes. A peculiar ritual implemented by Petrus required to draw blood from the eyes of the familiar he used to spy on behalf of Magistrate Hale, and dropping the blood on a bowl of water.

A Seer can also share their visions with others. Displacing their eyes from their eye sockets and putting them in the hands of those who seek a vision, a Seer is able to show them glimpses of what they are looking for. Otherwise, even putting the inquirer's hands close to a Seer's eyes can serve the purpose. Eating the eyes of a Seer confers Seership definitively. As shown with Tituba, the full extension of this power is triggered by blindness.

Notable Seers

Character Description Status
A powerful seer, treated with respect by both Essex Hive and a nearby Indian tribe. Combining his Seership to Cunning craft, Petrus was a force to be reckoned with. Dead
Tituba S03 Official Photoshoot.jpg
A very powerful witch who obtained the status of Seer shortly after the consumption of Petrus's eyes. Unknown

Memorable Quotes

Mary Sibley: "Concern yourself with one thing, Mr. Hale... Find out who broke our circle. Head back to the woods. Find the seer. His eyes were there."
The Stone Child
John Hale: "Petrus, really. You ought to wear a little bell."
Petrus: "And you, Magistrate, need none. We heard you the moment you left the road. Come."
John Hale: "I had a bit of trouble finding the place. Seemed to recall you having been farther north last time."
Petrus: "Perhaps I was, Magistrate Hale. Eyes are for seeing, not for being seen. That's why your kind come to me. You find me when you need me. So, what do you need?"
John Hale: "Someone broke our circle in the woods last night. We need to know who saw us."
Petrus: "Ah. Full buck moon? Uh-huh. You were there that night, weren't you, little friend? Time to wake up. What did you see? Tell Mary Sibley we will find out who was in the woods last night, but it takes time."
The Stone Child
John Hale: "Who saw us in the woods?"
Petrus: "It was... He who is marked. He of the "F" that furrows his brow."
John Hale: "Isaac?"
Petrus: "The fornicator."
John Hale: "The idiot."
Petrus: "One more thing. Isaac was not alone."
John Hale: "Who else was with him?"
Petrus: "I don't know. I could not make out the face."
John Hale: "You don't know. What good are you? A seer who can't see."
Petrus: "It's not an exact art."
John Hale: "Evidently not."
In Vain
Petrus (to Tituba): "Stop trying to see. Blindness is the beginning. Come to my voice. Dead I may be, yet I live on. My eyes are inside you. I am here in my hut."
After the Fall
Petrus (to Tituba): "When you ate my eyes, you swallowed my vision. My very essence as a Seer. Now bear the responsibility I bore."
After the Fall



  • The eyes of a Seer are the source of their power. This was proven after Tituba consumed both of the eyes that were left behind by the recently murdered Petrus and immediately developed her own second sight. Through this power, Tituba was able to discover the identity of the latest witch hunter in Salem as John Alden.
  • Seers are able to share their visions with others regardless of whether or not the person is a witch. This was proven after Mary Sibley sought the help of Petrus to discover the outcome of John Alden after she abandoned him in the woods. However, the vision that was seen by Mary was forged by the Indians, and while Mary believed the vision to be true, Petrus could sense that is was a lie.
  • "Secrets of Salem: The Seer" is a special feature video in Season One's Gallery on Salem's official website. It's a character insight about Petrus. [1]


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