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This unnamed shaman was a wise man and healer who lived in an Indian Village on the edge of the forest, near the river, and who lead his tribe in a fight against both Puritans and witches.

Throughout the Salem series

Season One

Season Two


A wise man, the leader of his people and a leading expert on medicine, herbs, magic and shamanistic rituals. He welcomed John Alden to his people even though he was a soldier of the militia sent by the selectmen to slay the Indians.

Physical Appearance

An old man with an average build. His amber skin was covered with wrinkles of old age. He had long black hair, often styled with braids or tied with feathers and strings. During important ceremonies, such as the initiation of John Alden to Dark Mysteries, his skin was painted with the colors sacred to the Great Spirit. He was also wearing a feather headdress, a symbol of his social status.




  • Since the shaman was played by two different actors, it is uncertain if this is due to a recasting or if they were actually two different shamans. Since during the second season there was already a lot of confidence between the shaman and John Alden, it is very likely that a recasting for the same characters has been made.

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