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This page is about the major spoilers officially released during interviews, comic-con or articles published by reliable magazines, websites or on the TV series official social network. Due to the fact that some scenes may be cut-off, it is possible that some spoilers will not become canonical elements of the show.

What is a 'spoiler'?

Spoiler is a term used to indicate all the previews and revelations of events yet to happen in the TV series, particularly in the broadcasting season. They are therefore those elements that the majority of viewers would prefer to find out watching the episode instead of reading / watching interviews with the authors or the cast, as well as rumors released by magazines and websites.

But since some viewers are interested in anticipations and are on a certain level "spoiler tipsters", are here given some guidelines on how to discuss them without creating havoc, as Salem Wikia offers its users a spoiler-free space in order to address to the needs of all its users.

therefore you are kindly requested to respect the policies mentioned below about spoilers to prevent others from incurring into unwanted spoilers and you from being warned or even banned after recurrent spamming from Salem Wikia for violating its rules (for further information, see: Comments and Chat Policy).

Policy about Spoilers

'This website has not yet adopted a clear policy regarding spoilers; 'help us to structure it by expressing your opinion in this forum thread.
  • Any anticipation, theory or conjecture must be given in Salem Wikia Forum accompanied by a warning to prevent someone from running into unwanted spoilers.
  • Conjectures, theories and anticipations should be treated as such; for this reason should not be for any reason inserted in pages passing them off as facts. In case they prove to be true, they will be incorporated in due course in the page main contents once shown in the episode.
  • Will be considered as spoilers events that occurred in the episode aired up to 48 hours after its release, to allow even overseas viewers to watch the episode without ruining the surprise by reading about major plot twists (i.e. characters' death in infoboxes).
  • Interviews and officially released spoilers (such as anticipations from next episodes trailer) will be included in the trivia section of episode or character pages, so avoid to read this section if you do not want to know anticipations of any kind.
  • Within 48 hours of pause in which the pages will be closed to prevent updates that do not respect the rules on spoilers, it will be possible to comment on episodes in special forum threads, weekly created for the purpose (eg. "Comments about Episode 3.01 [Title of episode]")
  • The abovementioned theories, conjectures and anticipations as well as events within an episode should not be spammed in characters, species or locations pages until the 48 hours of the break will be passed. Even after the break, remember to follow the rules on comments and chat.
  • However, please note that appropriate content should be discussed and commented on in the right page to avoid confusion and unwanted spoilers. Season 3 and "[Title of episode]" pages will therefore be better suited to general comments on what happened in the particular episode (eg. no unrelated discussion about John Alden in Anne Hale page and things like this).

Season Three

Spoilers from Comic Con Interviews

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