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Telekinesis is the supernatural ability to move objects as well as individuals with one's mind force.


Telekinesis, also called Psychokinesis, is an umbrella term for any ability that involves using the mind to influence, manipulate or move matter or objects. It is generally an offensive power, allowing a Witch to send a target across the room. It requires a great deal of control, although probably one of the easiest to learn since Anne was using it as a small child without thinking. Telekinesis also allows to grasp an object firmly in place and to pull objects towards the user or to push objects away from the user (e.g. yanking a book off a shelf or sliding a cup across a table, as demonstrated by Anne Hale). It can be triggered by the will of a witch or out of anger and adrenaline. Unlike most powers of abilities displayed by witches, Telekinesis does not require a spell but rather concentration.

Advanced forms

Advanced forms of Telekinesis also allow to shatter, deflect or manipulate things to several degrees. When the mental strength is directed strongly towards something, a witch can break the object of their fury. This can happen with inanimate objects, such as mirrors and glasses, but also with people, for example by blasting their heads. Telekinesis can be used to divert the attack of opponents, as well as objects thrown against the witch, with a simple look or gesture of the hand. Puppetry is an extreme and advanced form of Telekinesis demonstrated almost exclusively by Cradle Witches and powerful Contract Witches. It is about manipulating a person's movements as if they were a puppet in the hands of the witch, forcing them to do whatever a witch may desire them to do, even preventing them from doing anything at all as if they were frozen.

Notable Examples

  • Mary used this power to shatter the glass in The Vow.
  • John Hale demonstrated having this power during a flashback where a young John Hale was shown killing the man that had murdered his parents in Cat And Mouse, condemning them to burn at the stake.
  • Anne Hale used this power. When she denounced she wasn't a witch and lost control of her powers, telekinetically murdering both her parents in All Fall Down. She used this power again to get rid of some guards, placed at the border of Salem, when one of the rough men tried to rape her, hurling the man meters away in the sky, and then let it fall ruinously on some trees, killing him. She also used the power to banish her stepbrother Sebastian, when he flirted with her in her bedroom.
  • Tituba used this power to throw open a door, while confronting Mary and George Sibley in Blood Kiss.
  • Mercy demonstrated this power in The Beckoning Fair One when she made a spinning wheel drop to the floor.



  • It is one of the most common powers among the witches.
  • When the young witch Anne Hale uses this power, her eyes often shine with a reddish-golden light, especially when in distress, otherwise this seems to not happen.
  • It would appear that advanced use of this power can lead to a form of puppetry, demonstrated by Mary Sibley in the second season with Anne Hale.

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