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There are many doors to many places for a witch.
— Mary Sibley about teleporation

Teleportation is the ability to travel to another destination instantaneously. Although this power has not been displayed by every witch it is probably one of the few abilities that can be accessed without a spell.

Notable Examples

  • The only two witches that has demonstrated this power is Mary Sibley and Mercy Lewis, in several episodes (Mercy: 2 episodes including: The House of Pain, Ashes Ashes, and All Fall Down) (Mary Sibley several: The Red Rose and the Briar, Ashes Ashes and All Fall Down') however the conversation between Petrus and Tituba implies that Mary learned "how to make her own doors" from Tituba herself. 
  • In the episode: The House of Pain, Mercy also displayed this power once Mary had tried to condemn her for speaking out against Tituba as a witch. When Mercy was under the table, Mary had tried to grab her. In a blink of an eye, Mercy had vanished and left in her place was a large spider web. Mercy had teleported into the woods to go into hiding from Increase Mather.
  • Anne Hale used this power several times with the aid of a dark artifact in the shape of a mask. Notable examples are when she unconsciously teleported herself in the woods or when she magically traveled to Boston.At the end of season two she teleported to Salem Church in order to stop the battle between Mary Sibley and Countess Von Marburg, but it's unknown if she used the mask this time too.


  • In season two, Mary said something about moving through the shadows and almost everyone who used this power did so at night, probably meaning that this can not be done in the daylight.
  • The Countess was able to teleport at a short distance in Mary's house during the day, probably another of her superior abilities.
  • Mercy seems to teleport away in the woods during the day, while confronting Mary, yet she used illusions to make dismembered bodies appear at Mary's feet and then projected her voice, probably meaning that she was in Astral Projection the entire time.

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