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This template substitutes in a properly formatted reference to a particular episode. To use this template, enter {{Crossref|#xX}}, where # is the season number and X is the episode number within that season e.g.


Results in:
("The Vow)

A citation for "The Vow" the first episode of the first season.

The template relies on the proper sub templates being set up e.g. Template:Ep/1x01.

Current subtemplates include:

  1. Template:ep/1x01 is set to The Vow: type {{crossref|1x01}} for ("The Vow)
  2. Template:ep/1x02 is set to The Stone Child: type {{crossref|1x02}} for ("The Stone Child)
  3. Template:ep/1x03 is set to In Vain: type {{crossref|1x03}} for ("In Vain)
  4. Template:ep/1x04 is set to Survivors: type {{crossref|1x04}} for ("Survivors)
  5. Template:ep/1x05 is set to Lies: type {{crossref|1x05}} for ("Lies)
  6. Template:ep/1x06 is set to The Red Rose and the Briar: type {{crossref|1x06}} for ("The Red Rose and the Briar)
  7. Template:ep/1x07 is set to Our Own Private America: type {{crossref|1x07}} for ("Our Own Private America)
  8. Template:ep/1x08 is set to Departures: type {{crossref|1x08}} for ("Departures)
  9. Template:ep/1x09 is set to Children Be Afraid: type {{crossref|1x09}} for ("Children Be Afraid)
  10. Template:ep/1x10 is set to The House Of Pain: type {{crossref|1x10}} for ("The House Of Pain)
  11. Template:ep/1x11 is set to Cat And Mouse: type {{crossref|1x11}} for ("Cat And Mouse)
  12. Template:ep/1x12 is set to Ashes Ashes: type {{crossref|1x12}} for ("Ashes Ashes)
  13. Template:ep/1x13 is set to All Fall Down: type {{crossref|2x01}} for ("All Fall Down)