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Increase Mather

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Veritas Dolor
— the motto of the House

The House of Pain is the derogatory name given to The Divining Rod following the occupation of the same by Increase Mather.

Throughout the Salem Series

In The House of Pain, the house is the place where Increase Mather tortures Tituba in order to obtain the names of the other witches. He seems not to care about the name that the citizens have fastened to the place, rather he's proud of it.

In Cat And Mouse, inside the torture chamber Increase throws boiling hot water on all the girls to force the location of Mercy Lewis out of them. They say they will never give her up and that she is too smart for him. He states that he's giving them a choice: to give him the location and he will spare their lives or he will burn them at the stake with her. They are convinced that Mercy will come for them.

In All Fall Down, the House of Pain is the site of the final battle between Mary Sibley and Increase Mather. The two after a heated fight with a lot of insults are interrupted by Cotton. Mary, through the magic,binds herself to one of the chairs and deceives Cotton to the point to pierce his father with a sword.