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The House of the Seven Gables is one of the main locations across the entire series.

Although the house is owned by George Sibley, his second wife, Mary Sibley runs the household due to her husband's incapacity. The House of the Seven Gables is also the setting for many scenes during the first and second season, in which spells and plots are made by witches.

Towards the end of the second season, following George's death and Mary's fall from grace, the Von Marburg witches take residence in the house as well, as the Grand Rite is completed.


The House of the Seven Gables is a mansion that spans multiple floors. Externally the wood is painted in a dark purple and a wooden fence delimits the property. There is also a boundary stone with engraved on the name of Sibley, the owners of the house.

The interior of the house is warm and welcoming. The ground floor houses a parlour with fireplace, the place for recreational activities such as reading or spinning. The same floor also houses the kitchen and the pantry, used once by Mary and Tituba to perform their ritual to locate Corwin's position and identify the new Witch- Hunter, and the dining room that has hosted several times the dinners which attended more emiment members of society, such as magistrates Hale and Hathorne, Reverends Mathers or the noble Von Marburgs, invited by the owner, Mary Sibley, but in the past also George Sibley held dinners as shown in some flashbacks.

Upstairs there are several bedrooms including George Sibley's master bedroom, Mary's boudoir, a guest room used for Little John and possibly the servants' rooms. There is also a library, where Mary Sibley retains the forbidden books of Occult Arts and various trinkets useful to her witchcraft.

Notable rooms

Mary Sibley's Boudoir

Increase Mather: It's a pretty piece of paganism, I'll grant you. But not fit for public viewing.
Mary Sibley: That is why it enlightens my bedroom, where only my nearest and dearest are allowed. Like you, my dear Increase.

Mary and Increase discuss in front of the painting about its content

Mary Sibley's boudoir is a beautiful room decorated in a luxurious way. On the mantelpiece, there is a replica of the Primavera, the famous painting by the Italian Renaissance painter Sandro Botticelli, which depict a pagan theme, as noted by Increase Mather. This room was the primary place where Mary celebrated her spells and rituals, aided by the trusted servant witch, Tituba. The bedroom was also a place of amorous encounters with the woman's paramours; first with Captain John Alden and then, with Dr. Wainwright.

The Library

After the death of a witch, the book finds its way to the Samhain. This ensures the survival of the discovery of witches so that the old ways are not lost. Some of these go back hundreds of years to some of the earliest Essex witches.
Mary Sibley explains the contents of her library

Mary in her library

The library is home to ancient relics, such as the precious collection of Books of Shadows, reaching to the origin of the Essex witches themselves. The library also houses other kinds of books, probably to disguise the books about Witchcraft. In addition, there is a vast array of items such as astrolabe, a bird cage built to resemble a house, compasses, parchments, and ledgers to manage the town and the house. It assumed a more visible role during the so-called "witch war", when Mary had dialogues with her husband, Cotton Mather, and Anne Hale in this very room.

Dining Room

The dining room is located on the ground floor, at the far right side of the house. It is a large room decorated quite beautifully. An elaborate chandelier hangs above the finely made wooden table that is capable of seating eight individuals. A grandfather clock is against one of the walls, and a large fireplace lays at the far right of the room, next to a set of double doors that leads outside.

Mary, and George before her, held many elaborate dinners in this room, pertaining to politics and to other social occasions. Throughout the years, the room has seen numerous such dinners, with important guests such as Salem selectmen like Magistrate Hale and Magistrate Hathorne, renowned Puritan Reverends Cotton and Increase Mather, Captain John Alden to even European aristocracy such as Countess Von Marburg and her son, Baron Sebastian among others attending.


The kitchen is at the right side of the front of the house. It is directly in front of the dining room and is to the right of the parlor. It also serves as a pantry, containing all of the food stored in the house. There are numerous cabinets for storing food and a table in it.

The room features prominently when selectman Alexander Corwin didn't show up to an important dinner hosted in the dining room, having been captured by John Alden. Excusing herself to the guests, Mary hexed Corwin with Tituba's aid. (From Within) The kitchen is also featured when Mary was preparing the Dark Lord's meal and weighted his killing while looking for a knife suitable for the purpose. (The Commonwealth of Hell)


This is a fairly large room at the front of the house and it is directly beneath the boudoir. Its walls are painted a dark greenish color and there is a fireplace against the wall. Numerous chairs are situated throughout the room and there is a model of a large ship sitting atop a cabinet. Mary used to knit by the fire.

George Sibley's Bedroom

George Sibley's bedroom is located at the far right side of the back of the house. It is a large bedroom with curtains over the windows, and a large bed. George spent most of his time here while in his incapacitated state and later, he died here due to a curse placed on him by the Countess.

After George's death and the Dark Lord taking over of the house, Mary was relegated to spent her time in her late husband's room as the Dark Lord had claimed her former bedroom for himself.

Mary's Wardrobe Room

This room is located at the far right side of the house and is right next to George's (and later Mary's) bedroom. It is a fairly large and dimly lit room containing Mary's fine dresses and her other belongings that were confiscated after her fall from grace and accusation of adultery and fornication. (On Earth as in Hell) Curtains cover the walls and Mary's beautiful gowns are displayed atop mannequins. There are also numerous dressers, mirrors, and a table with Mary's fine jewels displayed atop it. The room. Was used by Sebastian to store Mary's belongings after her death. Once she raised from the grave, the Baron introduced her to the wardrobe in an attempt to win her heart. (The Commonwealth of Hell) It is likely that during her last days at the House of the Seven Gables, Mary spent a great deal of time in this room, taking solace from the ongoing events and the imminent Great Terror. (Saturday Mourning)

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