The Salem Wiki:Hive is a small community of fans who spend much of their time for the maintenance of the site, with different skills and tasks since, like the industrious bees of a witch hive, they contribute to the creation of something magical. Rise in rank or change placement within the community is possible, as it will be necessary to follow the description of that category to be considered part of it.

Finally, it is necessary to remark that this is not a competition and everyone has its own quality and its free time to devote to this project. These categories have been created as an award for those who daily contribute to the improvement of Salem Wiki.
The Devil
The Salem Wiki Administrators

Administrators have unlimited power because their job is to make sure the site's survival. Their concern will encourage the participation to join the circle, soothe disputes and make sure everything is in perfect condition. Admins also have all the qualities mentioned in the sections that follows. As well as deal with the "social" side of the site, should also be active sensible participant to forum and comments discussions and prolific editors. They must act as feeders of interest and create a safe environment for users.

The Salem Wiki Contents Creators

The Samhain of The Salem Wiki:Hive or Contents Curator is a judicious person, offering her/his time to the creation and improvements of the pages. Is also a prolific editor, with great sensitivity to respect the mythology of the show and ensure that it is transposed to the best, for an easy use by the readers. Become pundit curator asks for time, as well as earn trust by admin whom therefore will delegate to the contents creator most important and challenging tasks. The contents creator is also a active commentator.

The Seer
The Salem Wiki Opinionist

The Seer of The Salem Wiki:Hive is a person fond of his/her own opinions and of making them known. The opinionist is always available to engage in interesting discussions and to provide the conversational cues, whether in the forum or in the comment section. Although from time to time is devoted to the creation of content, especially the improvement of pages' contents, its primary role is to highlight implications, plot twists, developments of characters and situations. This role is very useful to Admin and Contents Creator because it reminds them juicy details of the episodes that may have been forgotten during editing.

The Witch
The Salem Wiki Average User

The average users of Salem Wiki are all those who participate only occasionally. May be regular editors, commentators and affiliates with a less incisive contribute to the growth of the site. The term average, however, it does not mean the unregistred users or users who have posted something like five comments before being stuck in the oblivion. Witches are still part of our hive, although their role is not invested by most demanding positions. They are required to observe all instructions and participate in conversations whose inputs are given by Opinionists and Contents Creators. Who knows what powers they might attain?