Media is defined as any sort of image on the wiki. The Salem Wiki has a strict policy on what types of media are permitted.

General Rules


  • The image must have a proper name, not randomly generated numbers or random word/s unrelated to the image (ie. MarySibley_PromotionalS02#03 or Mary Sibley_castingspell_season1ep4). Misnamed files (like "dwedbwRFWEgbfi.jpg") will either be renamed, or deleted if unused or if a better alternative is present.
  • Please do not attempt to rename ANY image (even ones you upload with a name you would like to change) as this causes the creation of redirects, sometimes double or broken ones, or duplicate pages. If you wish to have images renamed, please ask an administrator to do it because they have access to Wikia sources that regular users don't and can work around this unpleasant bug.

File extensions

  • Due to .PNG file's lossless compression, they are the preferred file type on the The Salem Wiki. However, .JPG files, while secondary, are also encouraged on the Wiki.
  • User made .GIF files are permitted and can be uploaded, but must be of high quality.
  • .GIF files are allowed and recommended for pages about magic and powers as they help to better understand the described power. A good quality GIF imagine will then included in the infobox when available.
  • Images should not contain subtitles or captions (unless the case of superimposed subtitles appeared in the episode, ie. Native American speaking).

Copyright Policies

  • Do to copyright, we do not allow images that are watermarked by anyone other than WGN America and/or it's parent companies are deemed fair use under US copyright policy.
  • All images uploaded to the wiki must follow the copyright outlined by the authors. Images uploaded to the wiki to be used in the main namespace must hold the fair use copyright notice. Tagging an article is extremely important to us as it avoids images being deleted and/or copyright problems in the future. Images released by the WGN America and/or it's parent companies should be tagged {{Promotional}}. Screencaps taken from other websites and/or by users and uploaded to the wiki are also deemed fair use under US copyright law and should be tagged {{Screenshots}}.

Image Usage

  • Due to copyright issues and appearances, The Salem Wiki prefers to use images sparingly, only when needed. Excess images communicating a similar idea will be removed.
  • The policy on The Salem Wiki is four images per scene.
  • Continued violations of this policy will result in admin intervention or blocking of the user in question.

Image Relevance

  • With the exception of user pages, images published on The Salem Wiki without relevancy to the show or the cast and crew will be deleted.
  • All photos must be relevant to the page where it is posted, and it's title.
  • An exception is photos relating to our affiliates, such as logos, which should only be uploaded by admins.


  • Only images of the highest possible quality are permitted. Stretched or blurry images will be immediately deleted.
  • Cropping and alterations of light or color are permitted only when they enhance or better communicate the picture message.
    • For example, if an image contains a large amount of empty space around the main focal point, cropping the picture may enhance the image, and offer clarity on the subject.
  • Watermarks are only permitted when no images are available without watermarks. When non-watermarked images are available, they are the preferred image type.
  • Images can be replaced when a better version of the image exists. The replaced image must be identical to the previous image.


  • Due to copyright issues, fan art is not permitted anywhere on The Salem Wiki. Fanart for user pages must be approved by an admin, and must be of the users own making. This policy will be strictly enforced.
  • Fanart is defined as any drastically edited images, graphics, and fan videos.


  • Only videos released by WGN America Network or videos containing official, exclusive content, of or relating to Salem are permitted.
  • Fan videos are NOT permitted, as addressed in the above policy.

Character Pages

Images on character pages should be limited only to certain sections (image should have some connection to the section), namely:

  • Infobox
    • Images on Infoboxes must be official promotional images unless they are not available (as in the case of minor characters)
    • Images on infoboxes need some form of consensus before the change, unless the change is for an obvious reason, such as if the image is of higher quality, better angle, more standard or accepted appearance, etc.
  • Throughout the Salem series (few images near descriptions with caption)
  • Relationships: an image for each relationship inherent in the type of relationship between the two characters.
  • Gallery section on character pages should only contain:
  • Splitting images into sections: promotional, screencaps, and behind the scenes when possible.
  • if there are more images available, add them to their separate personal gallery page; create one if the gallery page is non-existent (ONLY if there is a large amount of images of the character available—see Gallery section below for more)
  • if a gallery page for the character is present, preferably keep only pictures with just the character in it (i.e. with no one else in the shot or illustration) in the character page's Gallery section.
  • A gallery page will only be necessary if there is a large amount of (or over 50) images of the character available. Otherwise, just add the images to the character page's Gallery section.
  • The Character Gallery pages should be named as such: Mary Sibley/Gallery
  • If you upload an image, try to place it in all applicable galleries, and place it in its proper chronological order.
  • When taking screenshots to save as photos and upload onto any gallery, please utilize the entire screen. Do not upload irregular shaped photos that only capture part of the screen as those are not acceptable, and will be subject to deletion. Images edited in any way, e.g. cropped from bigger pictures (for whatever purpose, e.g. to take an image of a sword, or a house in the background, to be used on its own page) should not be included in the galleries, especially if the images are not meant to be considered separate; the original versions should be kept instead.
  • Character galleries contain sections for official artwork or illustrations, episode stills that feature said character, promotional photos, and photos from deleted scenes.

Most of these tips are also indicative for all other pages, for example: episodes, locations, objects and events.

User Personal Pages

User pages are allowed to contain any images as long as the images are not:

  • Sexual/explicitly graphic
  • Inappropriate
  • Fanmade (see above policy)
  • Gifs not from the wiki
  • Containing inappropriate language
  • Considered offensive in any way

User pages are a way for users to express themselves, and therefore, are allowed to contain images unrelated to WGN Salem, again, as long as they do not violate any of the the above conditions.


  • Any user violating one of the above rules with be given a warning by one of the Administrators. Multiple offences can result in being banned from the wiki.
  • If you would like to report an offence, please contact an ADMIN.
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