See Also Contents Guide and Layout Guide.
  • Make sure that what is written conforms to the rules imposed in "Contents Guide" in particular, must make do with what is shown on the show and not include non-canonical or fanon components.
  • Respect what is already present in the pages. Addition and corrections are welcome (especially grammar or syntax corrections) but NEVER deliberately delete what has been added by other users to adapt the page to your personal taste.
  • If you believe that something should be improved, report it to one of the admins or leave a comment below the page in question.
  • Make sure, also, to comply with the aesthetics of the site.

Edit Summary

Always remember to give a brief description of what you have edited at the time that you save your work, to facilitate the identification of additions without having to re-read all the text. And thus facilitate the detection of possible errors and misspelled words.

Editing Categories

Check The Salem Wiki:Category Guide for an understanding on how to categorize articles.

Comments and communications

Main article: The Salem Wiki:Policy/Comments and Chat Policy

In this site, the comments section is open to all users. In this space, you can comment on episodes, characters and events, but respecting the following:

  • Always use polite language and respect other users.
  • Always presume good intentions from other users and do not jump to the conclusion that leads to quarrels and unpleasant situations.
    • If you notice disturbing behaviour, report the case to one of the admins.
  • Avoid creating rifts and quarrels; if your hobby is to create fights, you will be banned from the site.
  • The authors of deliberate vandalism will be immediately banned.
  • You can use the forum section to ask questions about the show or even comment on the weekly episodes and characters instead of weighing down the pages with repetitive comments.
  • Do not post spam, advertising or unnecessary proclamations and religious sermons. We are here to discuss the show; this is not a television program where discussions about politics, religion et similia.

Technical questions

Do I have to register?

While registration is optional, it is strongly recommended because registration hides your IP address and gives you the ability to upload files, move (rename) pages, and edit so-called semi-protected pages (after a few days).
Most importantly, registration gives you an identity and makes you a full-fledged member of WGN Salem Wikia community. After you register and make your first edit, another user will usually greet you on your talk page and give links to some useful information pages. Registration is the first step in earning reputation and respect, and who knows, maybe one day you will be nominated for an administrative position!

How do I create a page? 

If you see a red link on an existing page and you want to create the page it points to, simply click that link and it will point you to the editing form. Type the content, then save the page. Alternatively, you can type the title of the page in the search box and press "Go". If the page already exists, it will take you there, but if it doesn't, you can click the red link with the page title, and it will take you to the editing form.

How do I delete a page? 

Only administrators can delete pages, and only they can restore deleted pages. If you created a page accidentally and would rather get rid of it, do not blank it; blanking is considered vandalism and, if repeated, can get you blocked. If you think that a page should be deleted, leave a comment under the page in question or a message on one the admins' Message Walls with the reasons. However, if you accidentally uploaded the wrong image, there is usually no need to delete it: simply upload another one under the same name, and it will replace the original image.

Protected Pages

Main article: The Salem Wiki:Protected page (as by default stated by Wikia)

Administrators can protect and unprotect pages, including ones that do not exist. Protection of a page or image usually means that a non-admin cannot modify it.

Most pages, especially those dedicated to episodes and characters, are protected by unregistered editors for practical reasons. Knowing the identity of the editors is easier to establish a dialogue for the upgrade of these pages. To edit such pages you simply need an account. This choice was necessary to allow an unregistered user to use comment sections.

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