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I sense them, your tools of power. A witch dagger to kill, a moonstone to see, and a medicine bag to be unseen. It hurts to hide.

The Tools of Power are items are enchanted by the secret arts of Shamanism, and given to John Alden by a Native American Shaman to protect himself against Witchcraft.


These tools are particular instruments infused with supernatural powers, and made available to an average human after he has undergone a ceremony to become a shamanic witch hunter.

Though they are extremely powerful objects, they are to be handled with extreme care and used sparingly, for their usage requires a high price - affecting the hunter's soul itself.

Medicine Bag []

The Medicine Bag is an enchanted satchel that allows its owner to become invisible and remain unseen by humans and witches alike. Hunters can then strike their attack in a similar fashion to witches implementing their specters. However, this satchel also seems to darken and twist the human personality, as well as the perception between right and wrong. Prolonged use will weaken the wearer and a dense web of black veins appears on their body.

Moonstone []

The moonstone is a magical object that shields its wearer from the power of clairvoyance and possibly from other spells. Despite its name, this rock does not resemble the real moonstone, which is milky colored, but is more similar to labradorite stone.

Witch Dagger []

The Witch Dagger is a special, highly dangerous blade made from a mysterious, bright red stone that has the power to mortally hurt witches.

Memorable Quotes[]

Shaman (to John Alden): "The Spirit Guides have spoken. You will be well-armed with weapons and protection from this world and beyond. But you must know two things. First you will never be the same once we have marked you and tied your soul to the Great Spirit. And even with all that Earth and Heaven will allow, you will never walk out of Salem alive."
Cry Havoc
Shaman (to John Alden): "You will be protected from the eyes of the witches. You will be able to hunt unseen."
Blood Kiss
John Alden (to Alexander Corwin): "This is no ordinary knife. But if it were, it would still serve to separate the skin from your body in one thick sheet. I've seen the Indians do it. I've learned the trick myself. But seeing as this is no ordinary knife but one which holds a special hurt for witches, I can't imagine what it would do to you."
From Within
Tituba: "So much magic on your flesh. You are becoming what you hunt, witch hunter. Careful, or you'll be torn apart by your own dogs."
John Alden: "I hunt. I am my own dog."
Tituba: "And so you tear yourself apart. Such a desperate move, to let a medicine man bind your soul to the Great Spirit. Did they even warn you of the price you'd pay for such power?"
The Beckoning Fair One
Mary Sibley (to John Alden): "Whoever gave you these knew what they were doing. It will protect you."
Til Death Do Us Part



  • Mary Sibley, the most powerful witch of the Essex Hive herself, affirmed the potency of the Tools of Power, while John Alden also commented his usage of them could possibly lead to his death.
  • In the third season, John Alden wielded another enchanted blade, an Angel Dagger.

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