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Greetings! I am one of the Admins of the The Salem Wiki since April 7th, 2015. Feel free to write me if you need any help, and I'll try to reply as soon as possible.

Disclosure: I'm not part of the creative team behind the show. Please, check out "Useful Pages" below.


Why did you reverted/deleted my edits?

Long story short, they were not compliant with preferred style guidelines.

Article Names and Significance.
Main spaces are for relevant content (seasons, episodes, main characters, etc), not anything or anyone mentioned in the show. Articles are named according to official press releases, ie. The Sentinel is credited as such throughout all official material.
What about spoilers?
  • Spoilers are discouraged in main articles before broadcasting date. Add them to Spoilers.
  • Revelations are not retroactive! Don't go back to past seasons or episodes to reveal mysteries, secret identities, outcomes, etc. where it is not essential.
Uploading Files
  • It is preferable that images are appropriately named, ie. "Salem S1E04 Promo Still Mary Sibley.jpg", or something similar.
  • Officially released images are preferable to Screencaps or Watermarked ones.
  • Wikis aren't a screencaps repository! An handful of selected screencaps to fill an Infobox for an item with no promo image, and/or to accompany a descriptive article will suffice. No need to capture characters in every scene they appear for the sake of it.
  • It's best to limit videos uploading to those released on WGN Salem official accounts due to copyright.
The dos and don'ts of Salem Wiki.
  • Respect the preferred formats of different types of articles!
  • Character Infoboxes should be functional. Don't state the obvious, nor add redundant or entire paragraphs to the various parameters.
    • Relationships: Any significant relationships and relatives that are essential to understanding the character does not include acquaintances just because they shared some dialogue or some scenes together.
    • Cause of death is exactly this: how they died. The circumstances and events around it should be written under "Story", not in the Infobox. If resurrected, just add (resurrected) next 1st death and, eventually, a footnote for clarification.
  • Make sure you maintain a neutral point of view. Fanboysm as well as the contempt you (may) have towards a character or actor should not show in your works.
    • Objectivity is imperative. Civil personal opinions can be discussed in the forum.
    • Bend over backwards events to justify your headcanons will accomplish very little. That's why Canon and objectivity ensure a common ground for conversation.
    • No original research or theories are allowed in main articles. This means that all information must be referenced to either episodes or official commentary.
  • When writing articles, remember that they are summaries, not recaps of every single second of a scene. Overdetailed articles could discourage readers and make the page unnecessarily long.
  • Quotes are succinct and quotable, not transcriptions of entire dialogues.
  • It is preferable to have concise contents, especially for pages featuring tables or lists (ie. Timelines).
  • Inflammatory posts, harassment and malicious attacks towards other users are met with zero tolerance.
  • Likewise, racial bigotry, homophobia, sexism and any other kind of hate speech will not be tolerated, either towards other users or when commenting on characters. Adding "in my opinion" or "I've (insert minority) friends" as an excuse before or after said hate speech doesn't change the meaning of it.
Badge Boosting
Although there is no gain or climb in editor rights, badges should be earned. Do not edit only to reach a certain edit count. Similarly, try to include as many changes as possible in a single editing (unless it's an extensive revision) before saving instead of saving after every single word or comma changed.
Recurring technical issues

Sometimes mistakes can be made whilst editing. Here are the most common.

  • When using templates, pay attention to wiki codes. In particular, close the brackets!
  • Some templates are autogenerated. An erroneous use of infoboxes can cause problems in special templates like navboxes (characters don't appear in a list, etc.)
  • Prefer classic editor/source mode to visual editor since the latter has a history of editing issues and it's not helpful when using wiki codes.
  • When linking a page, use piped links. [[John Alden|John]] is preferred to [[John]]. When linking to a category page, remember to type a colon before the name, ie. [[:Category:Witches|witches]] , otherwise it will add the page to said category.
  • Be careful when renaming an article! If you're not sure how to do it properly, or if the change is actually warranted, ask an Admin or a Moderator.
  • When Fandom is updating on a wide range, wikis can experience glitches usually resolved within hours. Be patient.
Useful Pages

Feel free to ask me questions but remember to also use the Salem Wiki Forum. Other users may already be talking about it, and ongoing threads may catch your interest. It also helps keeping my personal page less chaotic.

Behind the scenes: here you will find all the interviews, authors' comments, backstage, technical information such as the release of DVDs, merchandise as well as episode transcripts.

Parent Page: This page is part of a Wikia-wide effort to provide specific information to help parents make responsible and informed choices about what their kids consume. On this page a data sheet on the show.

Guidelines and Policies: This section contains entries and information such as content and layout guidelines, comments and chat rules and tiers of canon. All you need to know about how to edit pages is here.

My Favourites

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My Favorite Quotes

The Lord I believe in does not care what you do on this Earth. What Lord would create bodies capable of such pleasures, then punish us for knowing it? Neither the world, the flesh, nor the Devil himself is like a Puritan suit in only black and white. All is gray. And the Devil they fear is not the Devil I know. — Mary Sibley

Every morning, we have a choice. Forget our dreams, or live them. — Cotton Mather

Don't you see? There are no witches. There are only poor people like me who are hunted and harried. Tortured and slaughtered and for no reason other than they are not you! — Tituba

He has come to save me, save all of us. He draws to him all who hurt, all who hate, all who thirst for justice, gather us into the Circle and promises us a leader, a savior, one who will crush our enemies with a mighty fist. And He keeps his promises. — Tituba

Often the most fearsome landscapes are hiding the most succulent gardens. — Dr Wainwright

A circle has no sides. — Petrus

Were you there to hear the screams of thousands of children sliced apart by crusaders? Have you smelled the human flesh searing to the red-hot irons of the Inquisition? I consecrate this land on behalf of the millions I watched suffer! And their temples destroyed, their people slaughtered! You began this rite to end all of this. — Countess Von Marburg

The only Hell I believe in is a blackened human heart. — Dr Wainwright

Oh, well, if it was up to your God, we would all be naked and ignorant in wretched Eden. Who clothed us? Who taught us to till the soil? Who gave us the gift of fire that transforms animals into meat and grain into bread? Your God? No.'Twas our Dark Lord and his Fallen Angels. It is to them we owe all that we are. He is coming to claim his kingdom. And we rejoice. — Mrs Stoughton

What is the Devil? The Devil is the light that reveals the path through the dark woods of desire. After all, getting what we want is what the craft of the witch is. Witchcraft is wish craft for our wishes are his wishes, and our world shall be his world. O’ brothers and sisters, gathered here from every dark place on the Earth. We have so long been orphans of the great gone gods, but no longer. Our Father has come home. Their god is dead, or lost in senile slumber. But not ours. Our god, their devil, is alive. Awake. And now, finally, he’s here. — Sebastian Von Marburg

Save your pity. You understand nothing. It is not revenge I seek any more than a surgeon seeks revenge on the carcinoma he removes. You people are the carcinoma. You cannot hate the Puritans more than I. Were it only a matter of Puritans. They are but one tiny tribe of you criminals, murderers, and hypocrites. You set out from your lands to discover the world; As if the world wasn't known to the people who lived there. Every place you people set foot on this earth is a crime! And then you have the audacity to complain when others would dare to treat you with the same cold, calculating slaughter that you have dealt every other people in this world. Believe it or not, I am truly sorry that you must be lost in the storm... But I know you, Mary. You are too smart not to see that what is coming is no crime, but justice. Cruel perhaps, but justice.— Tituba