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Lieutenant William Hooke was a minor character in Salem who had close ties with Captain John Alden's past. He arrived in Salem, Massachusetts with a dark task, and tried to blackmail both Captain Alden and Mary Sibley.

He was a guest-starring character portrayed by Matthew Holmes.

Early Life

Not much is known of his earlier history other than that he fought in the war and witnessed John Alden massacre his comrades for retribution for the murder of the Mohawk tribe that had helped him but spared his life under the condition that he never saw him again.

Throughout The Salem Series

Season One

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William Hooke is a scoundrel and a crook, ready to betray his friends for his own advantage. Driven by pure greed and devoid of moral compass, Hooke has no problem in accepting the real or presumed existence of witches if they can come in handy as allies or bargaining chips.

Physical Appearance

A man in his thirties with a robust physique, shaved hair and wiry beard to cover his jaw and cheekbones. The facial expression, as well as the body, were hardened by war. His clothes are quite worn and consist of trousers, a pair of old boots, shirt, and a leather overcoat. He also wears a wide-brimmed hat. 


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  • William Hooke was indirectly responsible for the success of the Grand Rite, as he did get the Malum in Salem having previously agreed with Rose Browning.
  • William Hooke is the first ghost to appear in Salem, giving evidence for the existence of life after death in Salem Universe. He's also the first ghost to be raised through necromancy, the second one is Increase Mather, although the circumstances are quite different.

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